The NIEHS suite of websites was overhauled in 2018. I was a part of the design team that finished establishing the style guide and information architecture for the suite of sites.

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) Website

Some initial draft iterations for content cards. Whenever possible, I like to use pen and paper. I find that the slower pace of execution allows me to think through problems more thoroughly as I'm sketching things out, which leads to a more organic process of discovery.

  • visual designer

  • content designer

Roles and Responsibilities

Also, as you may have guessed by now…
I use quite a bit of arrows.

When I came onto the project it had already been in development for several years. I helped fill gaps, focusing more on individual components and special page layouts.

And it was with this project I realized that I get bored with purely information web pages! I get so much more enjoyment working on a product that people engage with to solve a problem.