Payscale Insight was a tool for businesses to monitor, track, and compare industry compensation packages using a variety of metrics

Payscale Insight

This was a cool tool to be a part of so early in my career.

  • front-end web developer

  • visual designer

Roles and Responsibilities

Original landing page

I was at a small mom-and-pop app development agency that held some surprisingly large contracts.

I got to work with Payscale's in-house design team and witness how they functioned. I was able to contribute design to the comparison table and decide on iconography, along with the D3 chart usage and styling while writing the code for the all the front-end implementations.

It only looked this way for a couple of years before it was reskinned. And unfortunately 2023 was its last year of service before being sunset.
Good job and farewell, Insight.